RMIT PlaceLab and Regen Melbourne collaborate as part of RMIT’s ‘Wild Hope’ Exhibition

RMIT PlaceLab is excited to partner with Regen Melbourne and Miek Dunbar from RMIT’s School of Design, on some special events as part of RMIT’s upcoming exhibition ‘Wild Hope: Conversations for a Planetary Commons’

As part of this collaboration, we’ll be showcasing the ‘Measuring What Matters: Co-creating a City Portrait’ Exhibition, and hosting several collaborative workshops, all aimed at reflecting on a shared focus around designing new and collective solutions to address systemic social and ecological challenges.

Read on to learn more about each of these activities and how to get involved.

Left: Regen Melbourne. Right: Miek Dunbar. Images: Courtesy of Regen Melbourne.

‘Measuring What Matters: Co-creating a City Portrait’ Exhibition

We all want to be a part of measurable action for our planet, but where do we start to make a change in our city?

The ‘City Portrait’ prototype installation is designed to boldly confront global challenges and redefine collective aspirations for a thriving future in Melbourne/Naarm.

Hosted at RMIT PlaceLab’s Melbourne Research Studio, this Installation will feature a digital prototype of Regen Melbourne’s ‘City Portrait’, inviting audience exploration and self-guided user testing.

This element will be accompanied by a participatory Feedback Board allowing the those visiting to provide their reflections and responses on the ‘City Portrait’ prototype.

‘City Portrait’ aims to delve into the City’s social and environmental strengths and shortcomings, urging visitors to embrace a ‘wild hope’ and to challenge the reality of our global meta-crisis (a web of interconnected challenges, from climate change and biodiversity loss, to rising social inequality and loneliness) and redefine our collective aspirations toward a thriving future for both the city and the planet.

The ‘Measuring What Matters: Co-creating a City Portrait’ Exhibition is open to the public at RMIT PlaceLab Melbourne — 17-21 Cardigan St, Melbourne.
From Monday 21 August to Friday 29 September
Monday to Friday
Between 12pm — 4pm.


‘Measuring What Matters: Co-creating a City Portrait’ Workshops

Supporting the Regen Melbourne City Portrait Installation within the RMIT PlaceLab Melbourne site, we will also be co-hosting a series of connected Workshops — grounding the ‘City Portrait’ in personal experience and understanding.

Activity as part of these Workshop sessions has been designed to facilitate participant engagement in related knowledge systems, and to further generate and refine thinking to incorporate into the ‘City Portrait’ itself.

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Wednesday 23rd Aug 2023 at 4:00pm — 6:00pm at RMIT PlaceLab Melbourne.

A participatory workshop exploring our personal relationships to healing and reconnecting with people and place, and what it means for this to be a critical part of addressing big, systemic issues in our city through our work and personal actions.

Wednesday 30th Aug 2023 at 4:00pm — 6:00 PM at RMIT PlaceLab Melbourne.

A collaborative workshop creating communal, interpretive drawings of Melbourne’s systems and our individual and shared relationships to them.

Painting a Portrait of Wild Hope

Wednesday 13th September at 4:00pm — 6:00pm at RMIT’s Design Hub Gallery

What does ‘wild hope’ for our city look like, and what is the role of the ‘City Portrait’ in prompting, generating, and strengthening action towards this vision?