Discover extraordinary urban nature!

Wild Nights is a series of interactive nature and wildlife events at RMIT PlaceLab Melbourne as part of the Cardigan Commons Research Project.

Urban Wildlife Meet-And-Greet

Thursday 3, 6:30-8 pm @PlaceLab Melbourne

Get up close and meet the fluffy, scaly and feathery friends that share our city!

Join us for a meet-and-greet with delightful and incredible native Melbourne wildlife species. This wildlife experience will allow you to get up close and learn about the wonderful species that can be found right here in our city.

The session begins with short expert talks on the biodiversity thriving within the city – shedding light on the diverse wildlife that exists in urban environments, as well as emphasising the importance of habitat and the ways in which plants, animals and humans too, are interconnected. Participants will gain a deeper understanding urban ecosystems and of our incredible urban species and how they make a living here alongside us.

Following this, trained wildlife experts from Animals of Oz will bring along urban wildlife species for you to meet and get to know! You can expect to make many fluffy, scaly and feathery friends – such as a kookaburra, ring-tailed possum, blue tongued lizard, and grey-headed flying fox. This is a social event not to be missed!

Come along to discover and meet the incredible and often overlooked wildlife species that call this vibrant city home.

*please advise us if you have any animal phobias prior to attending this event


Limited spots are available. Registration is essential.

Register for the event here.

Should you register and then not be able to attend please let us know so we can manage numbers.