Creatives, Communities & Economies at Melbourne Knowledge Week

RMIT PlaceLab was introduced as RMIT University’s new research initiative at Melbourne Knowledge Week in May 2022. This included a first look at our research projects for Cycle 01, including Creatives Communities and Economies.

The event was held at The Capitol as part of the RMIT Culture Talks series. Researchers Dr Alison Bennett and Dr Marnie Badham spoke about Creatives, Communities and Economies, inviting people to consider the challenges for working creatives in the community, particularly with the recent impacts of the pandemic.

Follow along here with the Creatives, Communities and Economies projects as we explore the experiences of different creative workers in Brunswick and Merri-bek.

An artist and group of people are looking at a map.

Five Weeks in Spring 2020. Image: Shane Hulbert, Marnie Badham and Tammy Wong Hulbert

Two people present research at the Capitol.
A panel discussion sits on the stage at the Capitol venue.
People chat after the event.

Photos from Melbourne Knowledge Week 2022. Images courtesy of RMIT.