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RMIT PlaceLab Brunswick
Wurundjeri Country
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Why We’re Here

We’re finding opportunities.

Nice one Brunswick, your home is one of Australia’s most creative communities, a hub of design, niche manufacturing, and education. Home to the Brunswick Design District (BDD) and RMIT’s Brunswick campus. It’s a nexus of creative innovation in Melbourne’s inner north, but what do you think it needs for a more liveable, inclusive, and vibrant future?

This is an open invitation to share your ideas and knowledge and help us identify what your neighbourhood needs. We’re here to discover, ask questions and explore possibilities. With so many vibrant communities, we are excited for what’s possible by having an RMIT PlaceLab in Brunswick. If you live, work, study, do business or create here, get in touch, and join us to shape its future.

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What We’re Doing

RMIT PlaceLab uses research as a vehicle to champion community ideas. We seek productive community and industry collaborations that inform bite-sized research projects that solve thorny urban problems and have real-world impact and application.

Our research topics are broad, but their outcomes focus on building Brunswick’s culture of design and creativity, driving urban innovation, liveability, and creative and economic opportunity.

RMIT PlaceLab is working with the Brunswick Design District (BDD) and Merri-bek City Council to engage with community, industry, and other government partners to deepen connections, expand networks and explore possibilities.

All Right Reserved. No reproduction without authors consent.

Partners & Collaborators

Growing our community.

Brunswick Design District

Brunswick Design District (BDD) connects people, places, and partnerships to strengthen the existing creative community and encourage new enterprises to set up and grow.

Building on Brunswick’s creative heritage, it’s aiming to position the district as a nationally and globally recognised hub for innovation, creativity, and design that supports the growth of local creative industries, and as a result, other businesses in the district.

The Brunswick Design District is a partnership between RMIT University, Merri-bek City Council, and Creative Victoria.

Merri-bek City Council

Merri-bek City Council is one of Melbourne’s most progressive councils and a key RMIT PlaceLab partner.

RMIT PlaceLab Brunswick and Merri-bek City Council have partnered to act as a community connector and conduit. Research informed by deep community engagement that can be applied to projects, programs, or policies that align with the Council plan 2021-2025 and the 2021-2031 Community Vision for a vibrant, safe, healthy, resilient, innovative, and regenerative community.